How to Save Money in Any Store

How to Save Money in Any Store

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These shopping strategies will show you how to save money at any store.

Are you a frugal living fanatic that likes to save money like it’s your hobby (or maybe it is)? It can seem like you need to have a different shopping strategy when you go to different stores, but the truth is, there are some standard shopping habits that can save you money just about anywhere you go. Applying them is easy once you know what you are doing too. I have found that saving money gets easier and easier the more I do it! Here are some tips that should help you learn how to save money at any store.

How to Save Money at Any Store

Always shop with a list – Lists can really be life changing when it comes to saving money. You probably already make a list when you go to the grocery store, but what about other places? Shopping with a list saves you money in a couple of ways you may not even know. First, if you stick with it, it keeps you from spending money on random items thrown in your cart or basket. Second, shopping with a list allows you to be more organized with your purchases and reduces the chance of you having to go back to the store because you forgot something. Fewer trips to the store equal less impulse buying opportunities.

Always take advantage of mail-in rebates – Mail-in rebates used to be huge. Every shopper would look for them and make sure they sent them in. Then snail mail became something we didn’t use as often and we started looking for instant savings and gratification. The truth is, there are still high dollar mail-in rebates out there and hardly anyone takes advantage of them anymore. Sure, you may have to wait 6-8 weeks to get a check in the mail, but it could add up to big savings throughout the year for you as well. You can find rebates by simply googling ‘rebate finder’ and stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and more pop up.

Know when to buy during the year – Everything has a sale cycle from frozen foods to furniture. Knowing when the best time to buy in each month is critical to saving the most at any time in the year. Check out these guides on what to buy in each month of the year to find out about sales cycles.

Use your phone to save money – There are so many apps out there that can save you money in different stores. Most stores even have their own app now with rewards. Check out the apps for the store you are in any many of them offer dollars off any purchase over a certain amount too. Use your phone to starts saving cash with these top money saving apps.

Learn how to haggle – Haggling is a skill that many people don’t have, but it can absolutely be acquired, and it can even be applied in stores you don’t think you have any wiggle room in. The fine art of haggling means that you also know when not to haggle; however, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try when you can. Check out these tips on learning how to haggle for the best price to save on many things.

Comparison shop – I never leave a store without comparing the price of something at least once. This happens to me when making all kinds of purchases from large to small. If I am pressed for time, I at least look up items on the Amazon app. Sometimes, if I can wait a day or two, it’s well worth it. There is so much competition between retailers now because of online stores like Amazon that the consumer can almost always find a better deal if they just take the time to compare prices.

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