15 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

15 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

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If you want to save money on outings, take a look at these things to do instead of spending money.

Have you ever heard of a no-spend weekend or month? I have always wanted to do one, but admittedly, I am nervous about how my family would take to it and if we could even be able to do it! Basically, the idea is you don’t buy anything you don’t need (such as rent/mortgage, groceries, gas in your car etc.) for a period of time and save whatever money you would have spent. One way to spend less is to do things that don’t require money be spent, so here are 15 things to do instead of spending money, too!

15 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

Do some projects you have been putting off – We all have those things we have been putting off because we don’t have time and when you are not out spending money doing things, you may find yourself with more time than you realize. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for to start these projects!

Take on an organization project – In addition to doing other projects, you might have time to do an organization project or two depending on how long you are going spend-free. Choose one and get others involved if you need help.

Do a spa treatment at home – There are so many DIY beauty ideas out there that you could make some great treatments right at home with stuff you probably already have such as coconut oil or essential oils. Instead of going to the spa, do your own spa treatment at home and enjoy the results.

Give your car the royal treatment – This is a perfect time to do some detailing on your car! Clean out all the trash, pull out the tire shine, upholstery cleaner, and dashboard shine and give your car the best-detailing job you can.

Clear out your email or organize photos – When I have a spare minute, I like to clear out my email and organize pictures I have stored on my computer and camera.

Go outdoors and take a hike or walk – Hiking is virtually free, minus the gas it takes to get there. IF you have the gas to spare, go on a hike, and spend the day in nature. If you don’t, you can go for a walking adventure in your own neighborhood.

Organize a yard sale – Just because you aren’t spending money doesn’t mean you can’t make money! This is a perfect way to add some money to your savings during a no-spend time. Here are some tips for holding a successful yard sale.

Host a movie marathon – Gather some friends or just your family and do a movie marathon. Have everyone bring their own snacks and drinks and it’s free! You could even do an outdoor movie marathon if the weather permits.

Do some yoga at home – I like to do yoga at home when I have time and there are many ways you can do it without paying yoga studio fees. Check out all the free videos on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Take a free class – Many libraries and community centers offer free classes for cooking, dance, learning an easy skill or even couponing. Look on Google for some free classes in your community.

Break out the board games – The time of playing board games has been pushed aside in favor of electronics, but you can bring it back for an afternoon.

Write your bucket list – I like to daydream when I can and writing a bucket list is a great way to spend time doing it. Even better, plan how you will make the things on it happen.

Do a craft using stuff you already have at home – There are so many crafts out there that are made from upcycled items and items you probably have at home right now so doing these crafts can be free!

Search your city for free things to do – Do a simple Google search of your city name plus free activities and you might be surprised to find free concerts, family activities, and even free fun runs.


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