Mind-Blowing Vegan Chocolate Pie

Mind-Blowing Vegan Chocolate Pie

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Mind-Blowing Vegan Chocolate Pie: putting stars in my chocolate-loving eyes since July 2017.

This magic is creamy, rich, smooth like the best chocolate pudding-meets-mousse-meets-chocolate-pots-de-creme of your life. It’s not icy or weirdly textured at all, as many alternative-type frozen desserts can be. And there’s no milk in it. Or cream. Or anything dairy-like. But there’s also no scary vegan ingredients – it’s just all things you could buy at your regular grocery store. My favorite kind of recipe.

How to make our vegan chocolate pie (50 SEC):

Things that make this a Mind-Blowing Vegan Chocolate Pie:

5 Ingredients.

No Bake.


We could stop there.

But we could also keep going:

Tofu. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. Everything else in this short ingredient line-up is going to be cool with you, and then you’re going to see tofu and you’re going to doubt me. I see you, Doubter. I am a doubter myself, and I pinky promise that you will eat this and think zero thoughts about tofu. I love tofu in this chocolate pie because it acts as a thick, creamy base that blends together easily, but the flavor is almost completely neutral. Smooth, creamy perfection.

Obvi, chocolate and more chocolate. Chocolate chips are a major player here, and did you know there is such a thing as vegan (dairy free) chocolate chips? I used Ghirardelli chocolate chips here because I’m a chocolate snob and just a casual, part-time vegan so I’ll take my real-deal chocolate TYVM, but I have purchased and used dairy free chocolate chips in the past and can vouch for their existence.

Wrapping up the mind-blowing element is a little bit of almond love. Just scoop some almond butter in that blender to get a buttery texture, and leave the smoothing-out part to the chocolate almondmilk.

Yummy, Yummy, YUMMY.

One thing to know about this vegan chocolate pie is that, um, it’s mind-blowing.

Another thing to know: sometimes I keep the chocolate filling in jars and eat it for breakfast. DON’T EVEN JUDGE ME and I’m not actually joking.

I have made a variation of the chocolate pie filling that used cocoa powder + maple syrup in place of the chocolate chips, and let’s be honest: it was not nearly as delicious as this version I’m giving you here with a full bag of chocolate chips worked in, but it was a little more along the lines of a healthy breakfast, and I found out (surprise surprise) that I loved eating the equivalent of cold, thick, creamy chocolate pudding for breakfast every morning. Top with bananas! Top with peanut butter! Berries! Seeds! Granola! I have a thing about hot oats in the summer (thing being – I don’t like to eat them) so having something cold and sweet and mostly-good-for-you waiting for me in the fridge each morning was one of my favorite things about making this pie.

Clearly, the emphasis here is on the filling. Is it a malt? a shake? a pudding? a breakfast bowl? or mind-blowing vegan chocolate pie filling? That’s the beauty – it’s sort of all of the above. It’s a back-pocket, use-it-however-you-want chocolate pie recipe situation.

Okay, in terms of topping?

Whipped cream would be pretty French Silky Awesome of you, and you can swap with coconut whipped cream for the true vegans. You could do chocolate shavings… dust it with cocoa powder… I may have piled peanut butter cups high on top of one of my pies in the name of “recipe testing”….

But honestly, can you really go wrong with a pinch of sea salt?

I’m really just obsessed with this minimal chocolate pie beauty.

No cooking or baking, no fancy toppings, and just a short list of simple ingredients.

This is my kinda chocolate pie. ❤️

Mind-Blowing Vegan Chocolate Pie


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Author: Lindsay

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 10 slices

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This vegan chocolate pie is a five-ingredient, no-bake miracle. The ultra-thick and creamy chocolate pie filling is made with (wait for it)… tofu, almond butter, almondmilk, and melted chocolate. Easy!


  • 12 ounces firm silken firm tofu
  • 1/2 cup Almond Breeze Chocolate Almondmilk
  • 1/2 cup almond butter
  • 12 ounces chocolate chips
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