Eat the Buenos Aires Seasons: Fall / Otoño Produce

Eat the Buenos Aires Seasons: Fall / Otoño Produce

In Buenos Aires, it’s not hard to eat seasonally. If an ingredient isn’t in season, it’s not available. Or it’s really expensive. Or it probably tastes heinous. There’s nothing like a tomato in the summer with the flavor of an actual juicy tomato, a 10 peso creamy avocado in late spring, a deep orange roasted pumpkin in the fall, or a hearty root vegetable soup in the winter.

Once you find your trusty verdulería, become BFF with your produce dealer, it’s easy to shop by the Buenos Aires seasons, eating these fruits and vegetables when it hits its peak season. *Check out the entire seasonal eating guide on Bodega Argento’s The Real Argentina blog.*

Otoño / Fall: March – June

Take your coat, scarves and boots out of the closet, and get your giant soup pot ready to provide warming nourishment. The leaves are changing colors, summer tans are fading, winter is coming and soup is just waiting to be devoured.

Achicoria / Chicory

Ajo / Garlic

Apio / Celery

Apio Nabo / Celeriac

Batata / Sweet Potato

Berenjena / Eggplant

Berro / Watercress

Brócoli / Broccoli

Cebolla / Onion

Coliflor / Cauliflower

Espinaca / Spinach

Hinojo / Fennel

Hongos / Mushrooms

Lechuga / Lettuce

Morron (verde, rojo, amarillo) / Pepper (green, red, yellow)

Papa / Potato

Puerro / Leek

Rabinito / Radish

Radicheta / Green leaf chicory

Radicchio / Radicchio

Repollo / Cabbage

Repollo de bruselas / Brussels sprouts

Rúcula / Arugula

Verdeo / Green onion

Zanahoria / Carrot

Zapallo de anco / Buttnernut squash

Zapallito / Round green squash

Zucchini / Zucchini

Manzanas / Apples

Membrillo / Quince

Naranja / Orange

Palta / Avocado

Papaya / Papaya

Pelon / Nectarine

Pera / Pear

Pomelo / Grapefruit

The Produce Guide: Where to buy the best fruits and vegetables in Buenos Aires.

The city is filled with awesome vegetable shops. The best is to venture around your barrio and when you see some fine looking produce for a good price, become a regular. These are some of the verdulerías and mercados that sell the chronic:

My verdulero: Gascón 947, Almagro

El Triangulo: Borges y Charcas, Palermo Soho

La Visión: Cabildo 2998, Nuñez

Nelly: El Salvador 4495, Palermo

Pauly: Cordoba 2511, Recoleta

Irma: Luis Maria Campos 256, Las Cañitas

La Martina: Medrano 342, Almagro

Molina Frutas & Verduras: Federico Lacroze 3016, Colegiales

Ely: Sarmiento 4194, Almagro

Lo de Mary: Soldado de la Independencia 1189, Las Cañitas

Barrio Chino: Ichiban, Casa China, Asia Oriental, Tina & Co

The Markets

Mercado Boliviano de Liniers: José León Suárez 100, Liniers

Mercado de San Telmo: Bolivar y Carlos Calvo

Mercado Progreso: Rivadavia 5430, Caballito

Mercado Juramento: Juramento 2527, Belgrano

*El Galpón Organic Market: Federico Lacroze 4171, Chacarita

Ferias itinerantes de abastecimiento barrial

Mercado Central: Autopista Ricchieri y Boulogne Sur Mer

*Mercado Solidario Bonpland: Bonpland 1660, Palermo

Produce Delivery Services

*Tallo Verde

La Barata del Central

*Jardin Organico

*Rincon Organico

Quinta Fresca

Sueño Verde

* = Organic


  • 1 Cabutia (the pumpkin with dark skin and bright orange flesh)
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1/2 onion
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 2 fresh bay leaves
  • 1 sprig fresh thyme
Read the whole recipe on Pick Up The Fork