Japanese Journey...City of Temples - Kyoto

Japanese Journey...City of Temples - Kyoto

Many of you will agree with me on this; as you get to the last set of destinations in a long trip, travel fatigue takes over. Which also means that ‘the last destination has to work much harder to impress.’

Well, Kyoto, the city of temples more than stood up to the challenge!

And then some. Not only were we fortunate to visit some of the most fascinating tourist spots, but we got one step luckier and happened to be in Kyoto on the day of the world famous traditional Gion Matsuri parade.

This colorful festival parade has evolved over 1000 years; and thanks to our rental apartment host, we managed to get a prime view of the ascent of the ‘chosen child’ into the parade float. Massive floats were stunning displays made with only rope and wood, without any nails; each one pulled by hand and with individual symphony style music to accompany it.

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