Parsi Fish Cutlets

Parsi Fish Cutlets

Part of ‘World in Their Plate: Cooking Ethnic Cuisines with Kids’

The ideal way to end a summer in the kitchen, cooking with my kids is with our native cuisine – Parsi Food.

And with Parsi New Year coming up next week, this fish cutlets recipe from the Parsi Cuisine: Seafoods cookbook seems even more appropriate.

When it comes down to a love for the large choice of mouthwatering Parsi cutlets, kevabs (our term for kebab) and patties – my boys show their Parsi roots!

This genre of Parsi cooking – cutlets, patties, kebabs, puffs, pastries, cookies – became mainstream much later in our culinary history; around the late 19th century with the arrival of Irani Zoroastrians to India. It showcases an entirely different and much loved set of Parsi delights; especially popular in Irani cafes around Mumbai, which are a large part of my childhood memories.

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