World in Their Plate: Cooking Ethnic with Kids

World in Their Plate: Cooking Ethnic with Kids

Some of the best memories from my summer vacations growing up in Mumbai were learning about good food and simple cooking.

Many of these memories were created with my maternal grandma, lovingly called ‘mamaiji’ (read more about her in this post) who pulled out all stops to create daily meals and treats; many of which catered to our sweet tooth and love for cookies and chapat crepes, french toast and jellies and puddings.

Mamaiji’s Caramel Pudding

Mom being a chip of the ole block would fill our time off school with food experiments at home – like chocolate cake baked in an unbelievably small electric oven, as well as homemade paneer and fresh ghee, Parsi fried Bombay ducks and lentil-n-meat dhansak…While my foodie Dad was known for his meat kathi rolls and Chinese chop sueys, along with Parsi classic potato frittata and boiled egg toasties sandwiches.

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