Pure Barre Birkdale Village

Pure Barre Birkdale Village

Ever since we moved to Charlotte, I am feeling rather unmotivated when it comes to putting myself through one of my own workouts. There are just too many classes I want to try and while I’m sure the “newness” of all of this will wear off eventually, for now I’m going to ride my group exercise high!

Today’s workout took me to a new Pure Barre class located within five minutes of our apartment. (We are currently living north of the city.)

I’ve taken Pure Barre with my sister in Jacksonville before and was always so bummed that there weren’t any barre classes near our previous home in Ocala. Now I have access to a bunch (yay!) and headed out for an early morning class after breakfast.


  • Do you think the people where you live are particularly friendly?
  • Is there a place you’ve visited in the past where you noticed that the people were extremely friendly?
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