#OmniGames: Day Two

#OmniGames: Day Two

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*#OmniGames: Day Two *

The second day of the #OmniGames began with breakfast at the #Omniten Hub, a large, yet cozy suite located within the Hyatt Escala Lodge . While we ate, scores from the previous day’s events were announced and Rebecca and I were pretty pumped to find out that we placed in the top 50 percent!

I was honestly shocked and we felt quite proud about our current place in the #OmniGames, but we knew it would be really hard to maintain our solid score since the second day’s activities played to the strengths of most of the other teams who had a winter #Omniten member on their team with ski or snowboarding experience. But Team Florifornia kept a positive outlook and knew that we’d have a fun day in Park City even if we finished dead last!


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