ZOOMA Half Marathon Training Plan

ZOOMA Half Marathon Training Plan

It’s that time again!

Half marathon training time!!!

Last night I spent some time putting together my training plan for the ZOOMA Florida half marathon. The big race is approximately eight weeks away and it’s time to dive headfirst into training!

I’ve intentionally been running five miles a few times a week to make sure I have a decent base. I feel quite comfortable with my five-mile base and am ready to begin incorporating long runs into my training.

Since this will be my fifth half marathon, I feel more comfortable with my training plan. My training plan is quite similar to the plan I’ve followed for the two half marathons I ran last year and the one I ran in 2010. (My plan is simply a training plan that works for me based on my fitness level but I am not a running coach by any means, so please don’t follow this plan without consulting with an expert!)


  • Do you have any fitness goals that you hope to accomplish during the holiday season?
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