Trick AND Treat

Trick AND Treat

This Halloween has been full of tricks and treats.

Unfortunately the trick part of the day was not a fun one and it was one that I did to myself.

I was backing out of our garage on my way to the grocery store to pick up candy for tonight’s trick-or-treaters when *BAM, * I ran into the side of the garage.

I was trying to avoid a car that was parked in our driveway and was concentrating on not hitting that car with the back of my car and totally neglected my side mirror.

I already got an estimate on the damage and to simply replace the mirror and the cracked white casing will be nearly $500. I’m planning to see if there are junkyards nearby or if I may be able to order the part online before shelling out that much dough.


  • Have you ever been in an accident or damaged your car?
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