Popcorn for Lunch

Popcorn for Lunch

A little after noon, Ryan and I headed to Boardwalk Bowl for an afternoon of bowling with a bunch of his coworkers!

The bowl-a-thon is a yearly event organized by Ryan’s work to raise money for charity. We had such a good time last year and Ryan and I were happy to show our support and bowl a few games for a good cause.

Ryan is actually a pretty decent bowler. I, on the other hand, am not. I am, however, a decent eater, so I stuck to that at the bowling alley…

I had a little help, but I practically polished off an entire bucket of buttered popcorn during the three hours that we were there. Though I had a tortilla with melted cheese on our way out the door, it wasn’t much food, so I was pretty hungry about 45 minutes into bowling. Luckily the popcorn came to the rescue and inadvertently became my lunch.

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