~Southern Peaches & Cream Skillet Cornbread!

~Southern Peaches & Cream Skillet Cornbread!

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I’m not from the South nor will I ever pretend to be, even though I wish I was!  In fact all the glory of the South is somewhat new to me.  The food, the amazing homes, the people, the accent, the food, and the food~haha!

I’m totally in love with all things Southern!  So when I saw this Southern Style Cornbread in the store, I knew that I had to give it a try.  And what a perfect combo it made with my huge bounty of fresh peaches that my tree left me with this year!

The nutty, warm, Cornbread has a crunchy crust from the cast iron skillet, and the entire thing is studded with juicy peaches that literally burst in your mouth!  A topping of the easiest and sweetest “Cream” just takes it to the highest level of yum possible!

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