Have we gone too far?

I already know the answer but my slightly nonchalant reply to myself is…’so!’


Sind wir zu weit gegangen?

Eigentlich kenne ich die Antwort bereits aber mein etwas nonchalanter Kommentar lautet… ‚und wenn schon!‘

The one thing about having your own blog is that you are the boss…the designer, the art director, editor, writer, photographer etc.  When you work commercially, the client is your number one priority.  They must be pleased with the work so they come back to you, and it must respect the function for which it was created.  Each shoot me and Max do, we discuss (not too much) what the purpose of this post is going to be.  Is it to encourage commercial work, to show off what we can do, or to try and sell the pictures to someone who can use them.

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