Coffee + Dulce de Leche = Bliss

Coffee + Dulce de Leche = Bliss

I woke up this morning to my kids' conspiratorial laughter as they walked along the back of my legs and then used my back as a launching pad to dive on to the mattress, loud yells and all.

"what are you doing?" (Duh. Wasn't it obvious? But I'm kind of dull in the morning)

"I giving you a'ssage" (I'm giving you a massage) replied the toddler.

"Wake up! It's morning! Wake up! We're huuuuuungry"

Children are so cruel. They always wake up earlier than usual when every particle of your being needs that extra hour of sleep; when you feel like a lump of dough as soon as you open your eyes and nothing, not even a superhuman force can will you to move out of the bed and start your day.

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