Shredded Wheat and Prune Cookies? Or not

Shredded Wheat and Prune Cookies? Or not

My mother died recently in Mexico. A life changer. Especially for my 91 year old father. He has begged to go back to his condo and we, his daughters, finally agreed to find a plan to make it work.

His first day alone – he baked cookies!

Yes, my love of baking runs deep. Dad used to make dinner rolls and sweet rolls for Christmas and Easter. And he would ask me to make oatmeal raisin cookies with walnuts when he had meetings to attend. What is a meeting without an oatmeal cookie?

But his baking skills have sadly become as confused as his conversations. When the appointed sister visited he showed her a plate of baked items made from shredded wheat and prunes. No flour, sugar or butter.

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