MENA Cooking Club: Reshteh Polow

MENA Cooking Club: Reshteh Polow

This month’s featured country for the MENA Cooking Club is Iran! Yes! How exciting is that! The three recipes that I submitted were Reshteh Polow, Asheh Mast, Yogurt Soup, and Sholeh Zard, Persian Saffron Pudding.

Here is my Reshteh Polow recipe which I posted a few years ago. Please stop by and look at the other bloggers’ recipe as well! You’ll find links to their post at the bottom of this post.

While I was doing research for this recipe I found out a couple of fun facts about Reshteh polow as well. This polow is one of the most traditional Persian dishes, and it is traditionally made and consumed in the evening of the new year.  How appropriate is this for this time of the year? Additionally, reshteh is always consumed during the new year festivities as it symbolizes good fortune in the path ahead.


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