Sofreh Haft Seen ~ The 7 "S" of Norouz Spread

Sofreh Haft Seen ~ The 7 "S" of Norouz Spread

I finally set up my Haft Seen yesterday. I was waiting for the gold fish to hit the Persian stores.  My Haft Seens have been slightly different every year but not drastically different as I always use the same little clear bowls.  I always like to make a small Haft Seen, that’s my thing.

I was looking back at pictures from the past few years and I thought I would share some pictures.

Norouz 2005.  My, were my lentil sprouts out of control!!

Norouz 2006. This one came out pretty nicely. This is also the year that I decided to give up on getting gold fish because no matter what I did, they just died.


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