Sabzi Polow Mahi ~ Persian Herbed Rice with Fish

Sabzi Polow Mahi ~ Persian Herbed Rice with Fish

Norouz is only a few days away folks! Today’s post showcases yet another dish that it traditionally consumed for the Persian new year.  Last week I posted Reshteh Polow and this week we have Sabzi Polow Mahi and Kuku Sabzi.

One thing you will notice in all of these dishes is the abundance in which fresh herbs are used. There is a very good reason for that! Fresh herbs symbolize rebirth. This is very appropriate for this time of the year as with the arrival of spring brings new life in nature.

It is also customary to eat fish on the first day of the new year as it symbolizes life. Sabzi Polow is always served with fish.  The combination of Sabzi Polow and fish goes extremely well together and I love to eat them any time of the year.


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