Cupcakes & Other Things

Cupcakes & Other Things

This week was kind of ho hum in the kitchen. I did produce a lovely pizza one evening and posted it under Main Courses for your consideration.  I keep trying to find a pizza restaurant that floats my boat but so far I haven’t been too successful. Mine is just better. Don’t let the crust intimidate you because it’s worth the itsy bitsy bit of extra effort it will take to throw it together and on to a baking sheet. Yes, you can open a can of dough, purchase raw dough from the deli department or tear open one of those thick pre-made crusts that provide you with a gazillion carbs.  But then consider for a moment that you can just make your own and then roll it out very thin to make it nice and crispy. There’s just nothing better than the taste of a fresh pizza crust.

We threw a surprise baby shower for a coworker this week and I ordered the cutest little mini cupcakes from a bakery in South Arlington.  Kristen’s Cupcakery is the perfect place to go for custom orders. I called her up Wednesday morning and requested 50 mini’s in  “vintage red, navy and baby blue” and then ask her if she could have them ready by 5pm.  She didn’t bat an eyelash or even act like I was the least bit crazy (which I am) and the results are featured in the photo below. Aren’t they just so pretty? And they were delicious! Check out her website because her regular cupcakes are simply lovely to behold. I may have to swing by today and pick some up for dessert tonight.

I have some grocery shopping to nail down today and a little pampering later on that I feel completely entitled to after a long week. After that I’ll be whipping up some new recipes that I’ll share on Monday if they’re worthy of a blog. First off is a Weekend Salmon that I found on the website of a fellow blogger. It looks divine. I also stumbled across a recipe for Macaroni Grill’s Rosemary Bread and I’m excited to give it a shot. What could be better than dunking hot bread with rosemary into a bowl of balsamic vinegar and olive oil? I’ve also got a new marinade recipe that I’ll try out on a flank steak tonight that looks and sounds delicious.  And finally, our winter garden is started to throw out some broccoli so I’m going  to check out a new Skinny Broccoli Salad that I found on Pinterest.


  • That should keep me busy for awhile, don’t you think?
  • Happy cooking everyone, have a a great weekend!
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