Tea Smoked Chicken 茶叶熏鸡

Tea Smoked Chicken 茶叶熏鸡

I've been eyeing this tea smoked chicken long long time ago and have yet decided which is the best method to prepare this special dish. Tea smoked chicken is quite popular in China & Taiwan, and red tea leaf for instant long jing, tie guan ying, Oolong are most commonly used on this recipe. Click to check on tea leaf. The word "smoked" already very challenging when you don't have such particular tooling. After scrolling through some Chinese site, finally, I came to my final decision. And here's what I did. Please read on for more.

1 whole free range chicken (round 1.3kg)

1 TB   salt

2 tspn   sichuan pepper

First step

Toast 1 tablespoon salt together with 2 tspn of sichuan pepper till fragrant then leave cool.

Pound to break the peppers and marinade salt & sichuan pepper to the chicken, leave  over night.

The next morning leave chicken to cool at room temperature then steam for 20 minutes over high heat.


  • 1/2 cup  rice
  • 1/2 cup  dried tea leaves
  • 2  large aluminium sheet
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