Soya Chunks Roast

Soya Chunks Roast

1.Soya Chunks-100gms




   Green Chilly-2

3.Coconut pieces(thenga kothu)-1/3cup


   Curry leaves-2 springs

5.Turmeric powder-1/4tsp

   Kashmiri chilly powder-2tsp

   Pepper Powder-1/2tsp

   Coriander powder-3tsp

   Garam masala powder-1/2tsp

6.Semi thick coconut milk-1/2cup

7.Coconut oil-2tbsp

   Mustard seeds-1tsp

Soak soya chunks in boiled water for 15 minutes.Take them out and squeeze the excess water.

Heat 2tbsp oil in a pan and sputter mustard seeds.Add chopped onions, green chilly,coconut pieces and ginger garlic paste.When onions become brown, add masalas and fry for a minute.

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