Busy Bag Roundup Part 3

Busy Bag Roundup Part 3

Here’s the second half to Wednesday’s Busy bag post! Don’t forget to enter our contest, we are giving tons of these away! Sometimes I’m surprised how many people don’t enter contest because they think they won’t win. As of right now, your chances are still pretty good of winning! Refer to Busy Bags Part 2 to learn how to enter the contest!

Okay, now on to our roundup…

First up are these Geometric Connecting Shapes. You can do all kinds of fun learning activities with these, or just let the kids free-play and have fun building different shapes and structures. You could easily do 10-12 busy bags with these since it comes with a ton (refer to Busy Bags Round 2 for ideas on doing a busy bag swap with friends and splitting up the cost).


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