How To Make Lasagna Step-By-Step Instructions

How To Make Lasagna Step-By-Step Instructions

Lasagna is a layered pasta dish.  If you never made lasagna before, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to assemble the lasagna layers.  Here are the step-by-step instructions how to make lasagna – with pictures!

This is the step-by-step guide to lasagna making process.  For the exact recipe and proportions of ingredients, go to Easy Meat Lasagna Recipe.

Step 1 Of How To Make Lasagna: Boil Or Soak Lasagna Noodles

Before assembling lasagna, you have to make lasagna noodles soft.  You can do it by either boiling lasagna noodles according to directions printed on their package, or you can soak them in hot water.  I prefer the soaking method since it’s much easier.  Just put the lasagna noodles in the baking dish, and fill with hot tap water.  In 15 minutes, lasagna noodles will be soft without boiling.  See also: making no-boil lasagna.


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