10 Cities around the World Plucked Out of Literature

10 Cities around the World Plucked Out of Literature

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Have you ever visited a place that made you feel as if you had just stepped into the pages of a book? I’ve been many places around the world that felt like I had just walked into a book! These 10 cities from around the world all seem to be plucked out of literature. If you are a reader who likes to travel, here are a few suggestions for your next adventure.

Alesund, Norway

Walking through this beautiful seaside town makes you feel that you are immersed in a Nordic novel. The Art Nouveau architectural style and clean air make Alesund feel like a place where nothing could go wrong. But this town is a Phoenix, risen from the ashes of a terrible fire in 1904, which leveled the town. The country of Norway got its independence the following year – 1905. So as the Norwegian people built their nation, the people of Alesund rebuilt their town. The architects used the prevailing architectural style of the late 1800s, Art Nouveau, while incorporating Norwegian design elements, such as Viking ship ornamentation. If visiting, don’t miss the 400+ step climb to the viewing platform on top of Mount Aksla. Take the boat trip out to Runde Island to see the over 100,000 pairs of puffins. Want to know more keep reading – An Art Nouveau Adventure in Ålesund, Norway

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