Soybean sprouts

Soybean sprouts

Soybean sprouts (kongnamul) are  one of the most commonly used ingredients in Korean cuisine. I think almost every Korean family makes cooked and seasoned soybean sprouts (kongnamulmuchim), and soybean sprout soup (kongnamulguk) at least once a week. It’s that popular.

You can sprout your own kongnamul at home, and they are tastier and nuttier than the ones you buy in the store.

1 cup of dried soybeans will make 1½ pounds of sprouts. When the beans are sprouted, more vitamins and minerals are created, making them even more healthy than the original beans. And homegrown kongnamul have wonderful, long roots, unlike kongnamul sold in grocery stores.


  • 1 cup of soybeans for sprouting (6½ ounces: 180 grams)
  • water
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