Cous-cous stuffed tomatoes

Cous-cous stuffed tomatoes

One of those days where I do not feel like saying anything because I'm in a totally mushy mood and just updated my other blog with all sorts of nonsense. So I don't feel like bragging that much, except I am just gonna say that the weather has been absolutely glorious and we have lined up a couple of BBQ's this coming weekend. 

I now have to sit and search for a restaurant which will serve appam and stew on Easter Sunday. We are not regular church goers and I don't even know if there is a Marthoma church in central London, but I've had appam and stew at my grand moms place every Easter Sunday for as long as I can remember and I'm not gonna break that tradition. So if I don't catch up with you guys before Easter, here's wishing you all a fab day.

Tomatoes- 4 medium sized ones

Cous cous- 50 gms or so (I used store bought- Moroccan flavoured one)

Garlic- 2 pods, finely chopped

Salt & pepper- to taste

Grated Parmessan cheese- 2 tbsp

Bread crumbs- 2 tbsp


  • Olive oil- to drizzle
  • Wash and clean the tomatoes and cut off a small portion from below, just so it stands properly.
  • Chop off the top part horizontally and reserve the cap.
  • Carefully scoop out the insides and dab with a kitchen towel to free it from moisture.
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