Another Billy No Mates Meal - Hake with Salsa Verde

Another Billy No Mates Meal - Hake with Salsa Verde

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It’s a lifelong intention to try to persuade those that I

share a house with to eat more fish. But they won’t. One won’t entertain it.

Two of them will eat it in batter. Annoyingly, one of those two eats moules

frites like they are French. Or Belgian. But, no, we’re not having fish. No

sirree. No. Never. Non.

This child eats moules

This child doesn't (eat anything remotely fishy at all. Ever)

Only if it's in batter and I can give him a no bone guarantee...

Which is why I now eat it on my own as a special meal for

me. I am determined for the eating of fish not to be solely the domain of

special occasions, when I go out for a meal somewhere swanky (it’s rarely

swanky). I will eat it when Phill is not here and I can palm Lola and Finn off

with something involving pasta.

And whatever fish I decide to cook, it’s fast. Faster than

the meal that I might hurl together of a weeknight between the filling of

lunchboxes and the loading of the washing machine. It’s the fish and something

lip smackingly good to accompany it, like this punchy salsa verde to accompany

one of my favourite fish, hake.

This recipe has been gently adapted from ‘Modern Spanish

Cooking’ by Sam and Eddie Hart. Even if I am a Brit, brought up on stodge and

spuds, I think I could quite happily live with the food of Spain, punctuated with the

odd chip butty. And maybe a pie. I imagine that this dish would be elevated to ambrosial

heights, eaten whilst sat in the warm evening sun, a glass of Albarino in hand

and the sound of Aranjuez hanging in the air, but for the present, the surroundings

of my kitchen on any given weekday evening, with a cup of tea and the sound of

Lola and Finn bickering over who is putting the washing on the maiden will have

to suffice.

Hake with Salsa Verde adapted from Modern Spanish Cooking by Sam and Eddie Hart

Note: The quantity of salsa verde would suffice for six portions. I like salsa verde. Lots. I made a bigger batch so I could have it with this and then use it the next day, drizzled over chicken or over tomatoes. Yum.


  • 150ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 50g baby spinach leaves
  • 30g flat leaf parsley
  • 10g mint sprigs
  • 1 oregano sprig, leaves stripped
  • 20g capers, drained
  • 2 tsp Dijon mustard
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