Mezzetta Summertime Antipasto

Mezzetta Summertime Antipasto

BringtheHeat this summer to your party-scape with Mezzetta peppers!

Certain things, either for the sake of tradition, a melding of ‘moods,’ a happy accident of circumstance, or by some cosmic predestination of fate, are plainly meant to go to together.

From my own, admittedly biased point of view, balmy days and sunshine have always gone hand in hand with platters of mezes or tapas served seaside in the shade, or with a grand antipasto set in the center of a table. While there are certainly precious few things better in this human condition of ours than nursing an ouzo over an afternoon plate of squid, the true value of such plates is the mood they set. Alone, they lift soul, allowing the eyes to drift along the crests of the bay, watching one’s life peek and break along the waves cast by the summer breeze. With company, they conjure lazy conversation and drowsy smiles as the sun sets beneath the sea.


  • ½ lb. salami - sliced
  • ½ lb. provolone - sliced
  • ¼ lb. Asiago cheese - sliced
  • ¼ lbs. Virginia ham – sliced
  • 1 bunch radishes – left whole
  • 1 bunch of grapes
  • Celery leaves – to garnish platter
  • 16 oz. Mezzetta Deli-sliced Golden Greek Peperocini
  • 16 oz. Mezzetta Hot Banana Wax Peppers
  • 16 oz. Mezzetta Roasted Red Bell Peppers
  • 16 oz. Mezzetta Deli-sliced Tamed Jalapeño Peppers
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