Vegetarian Stuffed Squash

Vegetarian Stuffed Squash

For two months now I’ve been hosting “Little Leopard Book Supper Club” Dinners in San Diego. For the first dinner in September I chose three dishes from my cookbook “Buffalo Style” to prepare.

For Octobers dinner I wanted to make my deliciously unique and amazing Pumpkin Enchiladas for the main course. After that was decided I knew the rest of my menu would be “Mexican Fall Inspired”.

For the first course I decided to prepare a stuffed squash, because what’s more fall then squash? I chose spaghetti squash because I love the flavor and texture. To stuff inside the squash I decided to use the Black Bean Corn Relish and Avocado Sauce that I topped my Crispy Cactus Tacos with a couple of weeks before.


  • 1 large spaghetti squash
  • 2 tbsp Enzo Olive Oil
  • 2 cups black bean corn relish
  • 1/4 cup avocado cream sauce
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