Dear Colby

Dear Colby

Dear Colby,

You are three years old today. For some reason three seems super old all of a sudden. You’re suddenly turning into a little boy instead of just a toddler.

I’ve been all sorts of emotional today just thinking about how fast you’re growing up right before me. Looking at pictures of you younger and as a sweet little baby (and I think part of it is realizing how quickly Logan is going to grow up too and I can’t do anything to stop it).

You are really independent and want to do everything by yourself, so I especially love it when you still ask for my help and still need me. You’re stubborn just like I often am and won’t give in to do something you don’t want to do. This can be so frustrating, but I hope it means you’ll stick to your guns and won’t let anyone pressure you as you get older.

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