The Best ColeSlaw Ever

The Best ColeSlaw Ever

The Best ColeSlaw Ever is surprisingly simple to make and uses very few ingredients. It is sweet and tangy and pure coleslaw perfection!

I've been making coleslaw this way for years, but ever since the first bite of this wonderfully creamy recipe, I have never been able to eat coleslaw any other way.

If we go out to eat it is a waste of time to put coleslaw on my plate, because nothing can measure up to this. It really is The Best ColeSlaw EVER! In my humble opinion anyway grin.

The dressing is, of course, what makes coleslaw so terrific. For this recipe it is important to use Miracle Whip. The original Miracle Whip. If you use the light or fat free or just regular mayo the taste will suffer. I'm sorry to have to break it to you like that, but it's true. Miracle Whip all the way for this recipe!

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