Spicy Pizza Poppers

Spicy Pizza Poppers

These pizza poppers are a cross between jalapeno poppers and pizza rolls.

They are flakey and butter on the outside, but spicy and creamy on the inside!

These pizza poppers are an absolute must when appetizers are needed.

There is a family that we have been friends with for years.  They were engaged when they moved into our old neighborhood and my husband and I were pregnant with our first baby.  We struck up a casual conversation one day and before long we were the closest of friends.  We've seen them get married,  celebrated when they found out they were expecting twins and cried with them when they lost one of those twins. We've been there when their second child was born and we've seen them through house renovations and frustrations.  In turn, they've been with us for the birth of all our kids, they've taken care of our pets, listened to our fears and concerns.  They've seen our kids grow up and we've seen there's do the same.

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