Start Planning Your Garden with These Tools

Start Planning Your Garden with These Tools

As I write this, it’s snowing outside.  Sitting here at my kitchen table, I can see my little garden outside, all snowy and white.

But inside, on my computer, my garden is bursting with peas and carrots, tomatoes and tomatillos, zucchini, eggplant, and strawberries.  I’ve been using the free website,, to plan my garden for this year, and I must admit: I’m TOTALLY HOOKED.

Growing food is a big part of the family foodie lifestyle, to me, even if the amount of food grown is more symbolic than sustaining. I would love to fancy myself a suburban homesteader, grassy plot all dug out, food under every leaf and around every corner.  But to be perfectly honest, I’m not a good enough gardener for that yet.  I suppose, if my family were relying on it, I would learn much faster, but as it is, I am content to have a small, roughly hundred-square-food hobby garden.


  • Why growing organic food is one of the best SELF CARE practices to support your health & wellness.
  • How to set your garden on AUTO-PILOT so it keeps growing, practically without you.
  • Nicola’s step-by-step 5 Secrets to Creating an Abundant Organic Veggie Patch with a PDF Fun Sheet included.
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