Boy on Grill – Perfect Steak

Boy on Grill – Perfect Steak

Happy Father’s Day!

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day, 4th of July, Bastille Day and in fact the whole month of July which is National Grilling Month than with a perfectly grilled steak?

Here Boy on Grill Rémy shows how easy it is to achieve a delicious juicy steak on the grill:

Choose great meat.  

My father raises White Park cattle in England. The beef is supposedly so good the king of England called for his sword and knighted his steak – hence the term Sir Loin.

I am a farmer’s daughter – one of said farmer’s four daughters. We all grew up taking the beauty of the rolling Devon hills for granted.  I have always appreciated the best ingredients from the farm and so it’s very exciting to know that the best chefs of London are now cooking with White Park beef.  When we visit this summer we plan to learn from Nate the butcher who specializes in bringing this amazing beef to the table as well as getting Chef James Lowe set up with some White Park to see what amazing plates he will make with this knighted meat. If only McCalls on Hillhurst could stock a few cuts of White Park.

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