The Secret to Life: Fast Instant Pot Soup

The Secret to Life: Fast Instant Pot Soup


Instant Pot Soup

I love making soup in my Instant Pot because it’s fast, easy, and clean-up is a snap. Plus it helps me get my daily servings of vegetables, extra servings some days. #PolyphenolsForTheWin

It feels like I know something special. I have a magic key to success, health, life… I don’t know. But it can’t be this easy and still be nutritious. Can it? It’s so easy that I feel like I’m cheating.

It can be this easy. Indeed, it is.

This is a breakfast of champions. Or lunch. Or dinner.

If you don’t have an Instant Pot… get one. Especially for the fall when the temperature drops and you want nice warm soup all day long.

The basic rules:

Throw chopped veggies into Instant Pot (I like smaller chops to reduce cooking time)

Add grass-fed butter or other fat

Add salt and seasonings

Add liquid (water, tea, wine, broth, or a mix) – enough to reach the top of the vegetables is my M.O.

Turn the Instant Pot to LOW and set the timer for 5 minutes or less.

Quick release once the timer goes off. Use an immersion blender smooth it out.

See? Easy. No excuses now. (Oooh check it out… Instant Pot has another model from which to choose.)

After having a mug of the soup, I take the rest and store in thermoses. One for Greg, one for Kamea, and one for me. Makes it a great meal to take on the go, alongside some organic sourdough bread.

This particular recipe was made from foods that needed to be eaten, you know the type…


  • 1/2 bunch celery
  • 1 head cauliflower
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