Paal Pidi/Paal KozhuKatta (Sweet Rice Dumplings)

Paal Pidi/Paal KozhuKatta (Sweet Rice Dumplings)

Here is the recipe for a sweet tea-time snack/dessert from Kerala known as Paal Pidi or Paal Kozhukatta. This dish is also popular in Tamil Nadu. Pidi (Rice Flour Dumpling) is popular in Central Kerala specially among the Syrian Christians. Regular Pidi is not sweet and is usually eaten with Chicken Curry whereas Pal Pidi is sweet and  is prepared in Coconut milk. Pal Pidi is the perfect dessert or tea-time snack for all sweet lovers.

Paal Pidi/Paal Pidi/Kozhukatta

I was introduced to this sweet Paal Pidi by my mother-in-law. She had tasted it at her neighbour’s place in Chennai. She was reminded of something similar known as Alli Pidi. The dumplings in Pal Pidi are round in shape but  in Alli Pidi, they are cylindrical in shape. I was trying Paal Pidi for the first time though I have had regular Pidi and Chicken Curry ample times. This recipe is pretty simple. You need to try it atleast once to appreciate it. I found it even better than Gulab Jamuns and Rasgullas.


  • The rice flour should be smooth, without any lumps. You can use commercial Idiyappam or Puttu Flour for this recipe.
  • Some people use Regular Milk instead of Coconut Milk though I have never tried it.
  • You can also lightly steam the dumplings before adding it to Coconut Milk. This will prevent the dumplings from breaking.
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