Vegan Travel: Rome, Italy- Part 2 -

Vegan Travel: Rome, Italy- Part 2 -

This Part 2 of our trip to Rome.  If you’re just tuning in, be sure to check out Part 1!

After lunch, we did even more wandering around.  To make up for the lack of gelato we had in Positano, we stopped for our 2nd of three gelato stops that day (and to answer your question, we actually lost weight on this trip!).

This gelataria is one of the oldest and one of the most popular gelatarias in Rome.  And they have quite the selection of soy gelati!

This place runs a little differently than most.  You must pay first (the cashier is to the right of the mine entrance, to the right of the candy section) and then wait in line and show your receipt to the person behind the counter when it’s your turn.  There is a lot of gelato here (probably three times the amount of the average gelataria) with a ton of crazy flavors.  The vegan ones are in the right corner.

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