Salmon, Broccoli And Dill Quiche

Salmon, Broccoli And Dill Quiche

Salmon, Broccoli And Dill Quiche

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Delicious salmon, broccoli and dill quiche

I was so thrilled when I received a box of ingredients from Gousto yesterday! I picked 2 menu from their website last week. They are ‘Salmon, Broccoli and Dill Quiche’ and also ‘Chicken and Quinoa Rissoles with Almond Broccoli’. I chose them because I have never cooked quinoa before and I have never tried making a quiche myself before too. It’s really moving out of my comfort zone. I had 2 friends over for dinner and I was just simply so excited to cook to share with them, praying very hard that they would like it. Prayers answered….haha

I was seriously impressed at how well the ingredients were being packaged and how fresh they were, even organic! They were well insulated on all sides and there were even 2 ice packs inside the box to keep the ingredients cold and fresh. Even the eggs were well packaged and none was broken! Well Done, Gousto!

Good quality recipe cards

Included were 2 impressive recipe cards with instructions on how to cook the dishes. The recipe says each dish can serve 2 people. I stared at the ingredients in complete amazement. For 2 people? Can’t be! It can feed at least 4 people. For the 2 dishes that I got, I think I can have a party for at least 6-8 people instead of 4. Or maybe we are small eaters. I thought my family eats a lot…..*big grin*.

Must tell you that it must have been one of the best meals we had. My guests liked it very much. I will share about the salmon quiche here and and the Chicken and Quinoa Rissoles with Almond Broccoli in another post.

Salmon quiche ingredients


  • 200g puff pastry
  • 300g broccoli (remove main stem and cut into florets)
  • Ingredients B
  • 150g smoked salmon (cut into small pieces)
  • 1 onion (peeled, chopped and lightly fried))
  • 3 eggs (lightly beaten)
  • 100g creame fariche
  • 10g dill (washed and chopped, leaving a couple branches aside for decoration)
  • pepper and salt to season (not too much salt as the smoked salmon is already quite salty)
  • Line a dish with the puff pastry. I used a medium sized low corning ware dish. Make sure that the pastry comes way up to the rim. This is because the filling will rise. I’m so thankful I didn’t trim off the pastry. Was very tempted to do so….haha.
  • Put some water into a pot to boil. Add a little salt. Bring it to boil. Add the broccoli and let the vegetables boil for 3-4 minutes. Remove and let it cool down. I spread it out onto a plate so that it cools down faster. Spread over the puff pastry.
  • Ready to go into the oven
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