new from noosa

new from noosa

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I proclaimed my love for noosa® yoghurt ( <– the Australian spelling!) a while back after discovering it at my Whole Foods. This brand is DIVINE – velvety, thick and creamy. I have tried several other flavors since that first tastes, and I was excited when noosa® emailed and asked if I’d like to try out some more flavors.

These arrived a week later:

Isn’t that a pretty bunch of yoghurts? My spoon and I couldn’t wait to dive in.

noosa® is made from whole milk sourced from small farms in Colorado where the company is located. It’s lightly sweetened with a touch of clover alfalfa honey and paired with fruit on the bottom or infused flavors, like the vanilla bean. The yogurt part is so thick and rich combined with the swirls of flavor.

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