Friday Foodie Dietitian Favorites 10.10.14 - Kara Lydon

Friday Foodie Dietitian Favorites 10.10.14 - Kara Lydon

Friday Foodie Dietitian Favorites – my favs for the week – recipes, mindfulness, and inspiration.

Here are a few of my favs from the week.

This video gave me chills last night and left me speechless. A powerful reminder: If This Video Doesn’t Convince You to Put Down Your Phone, Nothing Will via Viral Fury

Ground Husk Cherry Pie via Healthfully Ever After

Vegetarian Pumpkin & Kale Pasta Bake via The Adventures of MJ and Hungryman

Cara Gilman, Yoga Instructor and Runner Extraordinaire - Cara is a Boston-based yoga teacher and runner (she’s running her 8th marathon in Chicago this weekend!) and she’s developed this cool niche for herself where she teaches yoga classes and events specifically tailored for the runner and athlete. She’s also the sweetest girl ever and chances are when you see her, she’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear. Her blog is awesome and her day in the life interview series is most popular as it dives into what a typical day is like for yoga teachers and other related professions. She also has a pretty sweet name. Just sayin.


  • This week, I blinked and ended up back in Buffalo for yet another wedding! The wedding is tomorrow at a farm and involves cornhole. I’m sold.
  • On Tuesday, I joined New England Dairy and Food Council on a farm tour of Honstra Farms. I met the cutest cows and calves, and ate the ice cream they make on the premise from their very own milk. Hellooooo creamiest ice cream ever. More to come on this trip next week!
  • Enjoy my Mindful Monday series? Just had a talk with Rachel of An Avocado A Day this week and  we’ve got some exciting ideas for this series. Stay tuned!
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