NEW! GNOWFGLINS Dehydrating eCourse & GIVEAWAY

NEW! GNOWFGLINS Dehydrating eCourse & GIVEAWAY


I am super excited about Wardee's new dehydrating class coming in January.

I have a dehydrator and have used it to dry my soaked nuts, make dried oranges (to make orange powder), dried pineapple, dried mangoes (to make mango butter), oats and herbs.

But I am looking forward to really put my dehydrator to work! Check out the lessons & topics... I will be learning how to dehydrate a variety of ways with fruits, vegetables, herbs, beans, grains, eggs, dairy, broth, meats and how to utilize them in cooking and fermenting.


  • are lightweight and portable
  • store well at room temperature... so you don't need a freezer or root cellar
  • store for long periods of time, like a year or more!
  • retain vitamins, enzymes and other nutrition that would be lost if they were canned
  • are ideally suited for prepping, survival, camping or hiking
  • perserve the harvest to enjoy bounty all year round... from veggies to fruits to herbs to eggs to yogurt to broth and more!
  • "instant" foods you can throw together in a pinch if your circumstances prevent normal food prep
  • require much less time and energy than other preservation methods
  • and, of course, they taste great! (fruit leather or candied fruit, anyone?)
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