How to shoot meat - raw or cooked | Simone's Kitchen

How to shoot meat - raw or cooked | Simone's Kitchen

How to shoot your steak?

Taking pictures of meat. It seems to be a hurdle for a lot of people. Because how do you keep the meat from looking brown and boring? How do you make it look like you want to sink your teeth in straight away? What to look for in terms of light or even in terms of the meat itself?

Quality of meat

Let’s be clear on a few things upfront: shooting a ‘naked’ chicken filet is rarely an attractive image. It falls in the category of ‘it is, what it is’. Of course you make the light look nice and appealing but a naked piece of chicken is never going to look like a juicy steak. So that’s a given. Secondly you have to be realistic about the kind of meat you want to shoot. If you’ve bought a measly piece of pork at the supermarket it will be a real challenge to make it look appealing on camera. And if you end up not baking it properly, you’ll be left with a grey-ish kind of disgusting looking piece of pork. Not good. Is not going to be good either. So be realistic. If you want to shoot meat, make sure you have good meat. A nice steak, a pretty (whole!) chicken or another kind of meat. It doesn’t really matter all that much.

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