Highlights from the Holidays

Highlights from the Holidays

Actually I just liked the alliteration of the headline. This post is pretty much about one thing: how great I am.



FIRST, I have to share the most Amazing Gift opened on Christmas day by the Most Amazing Gift Giver Ever:

Yes my friends, it is THEE Travel Scrabble game.

And it’s as cute as ever. I need to repair the hinge and count the tiles but… it is back in the hands of its rightful owner. My brother never appreciated it the way he should have. Its tiny perfect board with its tiny wooden tiles. Its locking tile trays and its self-contained perfect tiny box… And don’t fool yourselves: it was not he who treasured and protected it these last 33 years, it was apparently in the basement of the cabin. We can thank my parents for this most treasured and Amazing Gift.

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