17 Warming Comfort Food Recipes

17 Warming Comfort Food Recipes

17 of my all-time favorite, warming comfort food recipes to savor and indulge in when the outside temperatures drop.

Friends, it’s cold.

Like, watering eyes when you step outside, cold. Seat heater on active volcano-mode, cold. Feeling slightly guilty for exposing your child (but pushing through because cabin fever,) cold. And I know it’s probably colder where you live. New Englanders, are you OK?! All that snow – I can’t even handle it for you!

These freezing temps call for one thing – comfort food. You know, soul satisfying recipes that can be described by any of the following adjectives: thick, hearty, creamy, cozy, cheesy, gooey, decadent, bubbly, and/or filling. I think that about covers it. Oh, also, “pairs well with wine”. I’m just saying.

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