Gin & Sage Martini

Gin & Sage Martini

Here’s a Gin Sage Martini that’s so delicious I bet you’ll make yourself a second one… I did!

It’s been well documented here that I’m a vodka drinker.  My husband, however, drinks gin martinis, dirty, up.  I just can’t do that…yet. In my quest to expand my horizons I’ve made a few drinks in the past with gin that I truly enjoyed like the Nectarine Thyme Martini and the Cranberry Thyme Cocktail. I love thyme simple syrups in my cocktails and was excited to try a martini with sage simple syrup.

When Azzurre Spirits sent me a bottle of their newly released ultra premium gin, I knew I wanted to create some kind of gin martini that I liked so much I’d want to drink a second one.  I succeeded in doing that with this sexy little number.  Now, I could never describe the gin so eloquently and do it the justice it deserves so I wanted to share with you the tasting notes from Azzurre: “Smooth and silky, with juniper, mandarin peel, and violet/rose on the nose. A nod to the Mediterranean with citrus, sweet basil, lavender, and a warm, pink peppercorn finish”  Doesn’t that sound beautiful?  I wish I came up with that! Let me just add that my gin aficionado husband drank the gin and agreed it was smooth and silky and enjoyed the freshness of the botanicals.  Me? I’m not so much an expert on gin to be able to describe it well, so I’ll just say it made one delicious cocktail!!!


  • 1 shot gin (I used Azzurre)
  • ½ shot sage simple syrup
  • ½ small lemon, juiced (only need about ¼ shot)
  • 1 egg white
  • ½ C. sugar
  • ½ C. water
  • 6 sage leaves
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