Fine Fettle Farm

Fine Fettle Farm

I usually tend to wait and celebrate the New Year properly once I’ve hit my birthday later in January. Admittedly, as I get older, this anniversary tends to be celebrated more and more quietly.

More understatedly.

With less fanfare.

Okay, in secret.

Oh, let’s just skip it this time, shall we?

Even if I prefer no pomp and circumstance, I do tend to take stock in the year that has gone by and evaluate, honor, beat myself up about, shrug it off, rub my eyes, and look at how to be enlightened for the year to come. I also weigh myself, get a physical, and talk to my therapist via Skype (THE BEST). I even get all Oprah and fill out her awesome Reflections questionnaire* just so I can fully feel like I’ve done all I can to prepare for my impending birth year. I’m pretty sure that’s what you call OCD, right?

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