neapolitan dipped marshmallows

neapolitan dipped marshmallows

I wanted to make a super fast, easy and yummy dessert. For some reason I thought, chocolate & caramel dipped marshmallows! So I googled that, found a recipe and got started.

Well. After an hour of dealing with caramel and dipping marshmallows and it pooling weird and the not setting enough to dip in chocolate and then giving up because ITWASUGLY, I decided to try these little guys.

Strawberry marshmallows.

Chocolate dip.

White sprinkles.

Neapolitan fun.

Now these, these are easy. If you do not have strawberry marshmallows, don’t fret. Make some from scratch! Is there anything better than from scratch marshmallows?


  • 11 oz. chocolate chips or finely chopped
  • 3-4 tablespoons vegetable oil (or shortening)
Read the whole recipe on i am baker