Recent Eats: Smoothie Love - Kim's Cravings

Recent Eats: Smoothie Love - Kim's Cravings

We’re halfway through the work week and I’ve only got one week and 4 days after this week until summer vacation. Yippee!!!!

For What I Ate Wednesday, this week, I’m sharing some delicious eats that I’ve been enjoying lately. Lots of smoothie love, recently!!!

This past week, for breakfast, I’ve eaten quite a few of these quinoa pancakes. They are so tasty and easy, I just can’t get enough! I’ve also been enjoying my favorite blueberry banana overnight oats.

Bring on the smoothie love! I’ve been enjoying lots of smoothies for lunch and snacks, in a cup and in a bowl. During the work week, I don’t get to enjoy green smoothies during the day, but over the weekend, they’re my go to for getting in plenty of greens. I think we need a Vitamix in the teacher’s lounge!

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