July Favorites: Beauty.

July Favorites: Beauty.

Hello hello!

Can you even believe we are almost into August?! CRAZY!

Last week, I did a major clean out of our linen closet in our master bath which I probably hadn’t done since before Max was born. GAH! I don’t keep makeup in there, but I didn’t toss a lot of empty or expired things and am using up the things I really love. I’m almost finished with my Sunday Riley Tidal (this is probably my 3rd jar!) and may try the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Cream – have you tried it?

I had one major fail this month and that was the Amore Pacific Sunscreen Mist. OMG. This was a nightmare. I used this on my face (with my eyes closed of course!) and first, it never dried down at all, even after attempting to rub it in. Second, it ran into my eyes ALL DAY LONG. It was so awful. So disappointing because I love this brand. I didn’t return it though, because I have been using it on my neck and chest when we are outside. Just don’t put that stuff on your face! EEEEK.

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